Allegra Magrisso, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Masters of Social Work from Loyola University

Chicago, Illinois, received 1992

Registered Play Therapist
Certified by Association of Play Therapy since 1995

Masters in Infant/Parent Development
Bank Street College of Education
N.Y.C. N.Y., 1982

Teacher of young children and teachers-in-training
N.Y.C. and Chicago

School Social Worker
Chicago, Evanston and Winnetka Public School Districts
1986 to 2012

Private Psychotherapy Practice for Adults, Couples and Children
Since 1992

Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical framework is grounded in Humanistic and Resilience-Based Practice.

Humanistic theory understands behavior as motivated toward self-actualization. The way each individual views life is dependent on unique history, personal characteristics, experiences and relationships. As an aide to the client’s self-actualization, I guide the client in exploring thoughts, feelings, motivations, inner-conflicts and relationships.

As a Resilience-Based practitioner I recognize the impact on clients’ lives of external demands, inner struggles and feelings such as depression or anxiety. But I also identify and encourage clients to build on strengths and positive potential.

As An Author

In my professional role as teacher and child therapist spanning over 40 years, as well as a parent and grandparent, I have read countless books with children. Love of sharing the magic of story with children has flowed naturally into writing books for children.